What Happened to Dave Wood?

Uhhh.. What Happened to Dave Wood?

Did you see that video?

Dave Wood *acted like* he was smoking meth and telling people he would bless them, or curse them if they didn’t join the Empower Network.

Not cool.  I mean, that’s just sad.  I hope he’s doing better.  Yeah, this isn’t much of a blog post.  After watching the video and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Most importantly, Dave Wood attended rehab helping his addiction to amphetamines.  It turns out that they were behind on taxes from the get-g0 and weren’t running the business properly in the Empower Network.

Always Do Your Taxes

This is a blog about network marketing.  There is a ton of fluff about mlm companies promising you the world, but what happens when you become successful?  Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe had no idea the Empower Network was going to be as big as it became.

When the money starts flowing in, it’s easy to say, “Yeah, we’ll do that tax bull shit later.  I’m rollin’ in dough.”

Consequentially, this was their impending doom.  The Daves’ strongly believed they were ahead in the game of mlm, but their faulty tax situation steadily won the race.

What is Dave Wood Doing Now?

This is really sad, dude.   Googly eyes going everywhere.

This guy was on top of the mlm world, selling million of dollars of bullshit Empower Network products, hosting huge events, and now… this?

In the video it appears Dave Wood isn’t in a hospital, or in any kind of mental institution.  Poor guy, this video was filmed in 2018, just one year after his initial lime rubbing freak out.  No really, Dave Wood was rubbing his wounded forehead with a lime.

This blog is had to write.  After being a leader and influencing so many mlm people, it has come down to this.

Dave, if you’re reading this, I hope you continue to get better.

Much love.


Digital Altitude Review

In this Digital Altitude Review, you’re going to learn exactly what’s labeled in the title. Jesus, sometimes i hate SEO rules.  They make you add the main title in the first sentence of every blog post so i can “rank on the first page of Google” for my shitty little blog post.  If this is the first review you’ve read about Digital Altitude, I’m sorry I’m not sorry. Basically, “mlm reviews” these days are click bait that are polar opposite
opinions that are complete shit. On one mangled hand you have a twat who has a blog post saying it’s the best thing since wifi, and the other guy is a whiney little weener who says it’s a scam and that you should join his “legit” business.

Digital Altitude Review- Mlm is all the same shit

I have a lot to cover before I even go into the review.. this goes out to everyone who is searching for the shiniest network marketing business that’s gonna make them crazy cash.

MLM 101… you’ve been here before…

You hear about the business such as Digital Altitude Apex. You listen or watch some kind of sales video. It massages all the dopamine that’s vigorously running through your veins and gives you all kinds of warm fuzzies of hope. Then, you’re going to have to join the business at the entry fee cost. In this case, joining Digital Altitude costs $27 if you’re not counting the dollar trial.

Digital Altitude Review – Just making this head line for SEO reasons

Digital Altitude, just like 99% of other online network marketing businesses, have it set where you get paid what you pay.

For example, if your monthly fees for two products are $100, it’s likely you’re going to be able to earn up to $100 for every person that you’re able to sign up.

Digital Altitude Apex has is set up where the more money you spend… cough.. invest.. the more you’re able to earn and also the more you’re able to learn.

digital altitude review

Making money online is a hell of a fucked up “Give Your Self MLM Goosebumps.”  There is absolutely no guarantee for any success.

It’s also a Jupiter equator circumference of a mind wrap to get your head around how easy it is to make cash money with the business.  Looks huge, but so god damned simple.

They teach you weird ass tactics such as email marketing.  You can find people who have 100,000 email contacts who are all “interested in making money online.”  You can pay this guy $xxx.xx to send an email to his entire list about YOUR digital altitude business.  Hopefully they will like your well thought out email, click your link, sign up for your email list, and sign up under you.

Depending on which level you’re on, dictates the amount of money you’re able to make per customer.  Honestly, it’s pretty damned confounding with all their levels and the levels within levels.  If you do a search for “digital altitude scam” you’ll find plenty of whiney weeners who have already done the research themselves that will tell you plenty of info on all the details.  But just to let you know, the range is from $27 up to $28k

You pay what you wanna make.

That about wraps it up for this Digital Altitude Review.  Thanks for reading and hope you had a Merry Christmas.

MCA Scam Rant

I don’t know if you’re in some yard sale, classified, or garage sale groups on Facebook, but I am.  Every now again as I’m looking for a Gibson guitar, I’ll come across some sleazy ad  with a picture of a kid holding a wad of his upcoming rent.  Slogan says, “Do you wanna make $80 commissions over and over again with the MCA Scam?  PM me and I’ll show you the way.  Sounds just endearing, doesn’t it?  Blah.

This MCA Scam Rant Continues

So I decided to hit this dude up and ask him what’s the dealio.  Turns out this roadside assistance club called Motor Club of America (MCA) is looking for more affiliates to refer customers and distributes into their business.

For a one time fee of $40 and $20 a month, I could be a distributor and make $80 commissions over and over and over again.  Sounds fucking tight.

I asked Jose what would I need to do to make this crazy money.  He said just join through his link and the training is all there.

I said, “okay, Jose.”

Turns out that I needed to join several, hundreds, of different yard sale groups on facebook and copy and paste an ad doing the same thing he’s doing.

I haven’t even gone into the product of MCA yet and I’m almost too bored to explain it to you.

Okay, so you have AAA.  Everyone and their step sisters know what AAA is. They’re a great company and do a great job.

Then there’s MCA which does the same thing, but better according to all promoters.  I’ve never seen a tow truck with MCA on it, I’ve never heard of anyone talk about MCA in person, I had no idea AAA had a legit adversary.

Bottom line, no one uses MCA for auto help.  They use to to get people into the business so they can earn an $80 commission.

HA! Also, the $80 is fronted to you in a sort because a full membership is 17 months.  If some one joins your MCA shit, quits in 3 months, then you get back charges for the remaining 14 months.

I think the MCA scam is kind of stupid.

Just avoid it.


Empower Network Isn’t For Everybody

A while back I was looking for some sort of way to make a lot of money and be my own boss.  I’m sure you’ve thought of that too.   I was touring in a band playing shows all around the country and getting paid for it too. Everything was dandy as shit and life ruled.  Well, eventually the band split up and I had to find something else to do to make money.

The thought of getting a day job sounded fucking terrible, so I continued to drink beers like it was going out of style and look for something I could do without having to wake up at the ass crack of dawn.  With my infinite wisdom, I started looking on Google for any opportunities to seek my god damned fortune.  One of the opportunities was Empower Network.

There was some dude who made a terrible home video telling his story about how he was struggling and blah blah blah and found Empower Network.  Eventually I started to like this guy because his story ended up sounding pretty legit.  I ended up contacting him and asking him questions about it and before I knew it, I was sold.

Empower Network: What is it?

It’s an mlm that upsells the shit out of you, and does a fantastic job at it. They lure you in with their awesome videos telling you that you can make a shit load of money with the system, if you follow it 100%.

With a $25 buy in fee, what do you have to lose?

Well, their $25 buy in fee gets a you a Kalatu blog.  With a blog you’re able to spread the word of your new business venture and eventually it’ll rank on the search engines and every one and their mother will want to join the Empower Network.

For every person that joins your Empower Network journey, you get paid $25.

But wait there’s more Felicia.

They have another product that costs $100 a month.  This gem is called the inner circle.  This is a ton of recorded phone calls with people telling you how it changed their lives, but they don’t tell you how they did it.

Except, to just to go all in with their products and do what they tell you to do.

There’s another product called the Costa Rica Intensive that costs $500 one time.  If you own this product and some one under you buys it, you get that $500.

The meat and potatoes of the whole thing is the 15k Formula which costs $1000.  This tells you how to optomize a blog, do paid ads on google and Facebook, and many many more.  Again, when some one signs up under you and pays for the 15k, then you get $1000.

Basically, this system charges you a lot of money to learn how to promote the system to get more poeple into it.  But they say that you can use this for any kind of business.

But why would you when you can earn those kind of commissions?

I found it to be kind of scuzzy because the real training isn’t there unless you upgrade to the 15k.

If you have money to invest in this, then I say try it?  If mlm is your thing, then the Empower Network might be right for you.  If you’re broke and $25 means a lot to you then I say head for the hills.

Bottom line though…

People make money in this system.

But it’s not for me.

Is Nerium a Scam Or Are Their Products Legit?


You probably asked to yourself, “Is Nerium a scam?” But before I get into that I need to get a few things off my chest because I’m about to go on a hot Tinder date.  Before you start judging saying she’s probably a slut and I’m probably a douche, you’re right.  But she is a really cool chick and this is our third date together.  So maybe douches and sluts can live in a happy slutty douchey world together enjoying Thai take out and movies like Sausage Party.

She’s not a slut by the way.

Okay, so more so on this whole thing about you wondering is Nerium a scam.

Nerium is a fancy pancy network marketing company with a focus on anti aging products that guarantees improvement with fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and happiness and eternal love forever and ever.

Well, not the last part.  That’s on you, Scooby Doo.

Is Nerium a Scam?

I really don’t think Nerium is a scam.  The thing with mlm is that people get butt hurt about having to “spend money to make money.”

Correction, Felicia:  You’re actually investing money to make money.

But do you have what it takes to go up to people and mention how their face sucks and hint that they could use some of this miracle jizz?

It’s what separates the wolves from the monsters.

Nerium does work, but it takes a specific type of person to push the products and the business opportunity onto other wolves and sheeple.

Before joining any network marketing company, you have to really dig inside that cold vast heart of yours and find out if you’re really the kind of person who wants to push this kind of business.

Also you gotta think of all the people you know who could be potential prospects.

Your Nerium upline will say that everyone with skin is a potential prospect.  So prospect the shit out of them.  You’ll probably lose friends doing this.  If you believe in the vision as strongly as your coach, then that will be a fat ass bitter pill to swallow, because you will lose a few comrads on your journey.

The way I see it is that if you’re a soccer mom who lives in a dandy white picket fence neighborhood with a husband who is slaying the bills, you’re gonna do just fine with this skin care business.

I don’t mean to sound crass, that’s just what I have noticed.

I’ve been to several market parties hosted at Hilton Hotels and bars, and the majority of the audiences were women in their 30s and 40s married with children.

Moms with kids usually know other moms… with kids.

Nerium urges brand partners aka people selling the products to have house parties with wine, food, and good music.

With these get togethers you will then be able to show a DVD of the business plan and the benefits of the products.

What Is the Cost of Joining Nerium?

To join the Nerium business as a brand partner is going to set you back $500 and an $80 a month fee to have your Nerium Night Cream auto-delivered.

After sharing the product and having three preferred customers buying the night cream, you won’t have to pay the $80 a month.

The $500 entry fee includes 3 bottles of Nerium Night Cream, 3 bottles of Nerium Day Cream, loads of training materials, and some marketing brochures.

If you’re still wondering is Nerium a scam, ask yourself this:  Have you ever heard of a business that only charges you $500 to join?

Opening up a bar will set you back at least a quarter million dollars.

Starting a carpet cleaning service will set you back $40,000.

If you’re personable and can share the product with many people, then you will probably have success with it.

My advice is to really sit down and think about all the people you know who would be interested in this.  If you don’t have a large social circle, then you’re going to have to leap out of your comfort zone and approach people you don’t know.

If you’re a social butterfly, Nerium might be for you.  If you’re more introverted then its probably not the best avenue to take.